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Recipe: Carrot Soup

Perfect for a snow day with the kids. Carrot soup is a soup prepared with carrot as a primary ingredient. It can be prepared as a cream- or broth-style soup. Additional vegetables, root vegetables and various other ingredients can be used in its preparation. It may be served hot or cold, and several recipes exist. [...]

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Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Pepe

Snapchef Location: SPRINGFIELD Date: 11/14/17 Position: GRILL COOK What experience in your life led to you interested in food and cooking? My personal passion, even as a child, was cooking. As I got older I became more curious and wanted to learn more, and that's exactly what I did. Describe the moment when you decided [...]

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Foxwoods Executive Sous Chef Recognizes Snapchef

"I would like to recognize - Michael Harvey- Rosiette Strauss, Eskia Holloway, Shaw Rivers, & Natasha Daniels for the outstanding job they do when they are here. When they arrive they are ready to work, clean uniforms and a positive attitude. I know on many occasions that all we have to do is show them [...]

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Snapchef Collaborates with the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts to Talk Nutrition in 2018

(January 11, 2018) SPRINGFIELD-Snapchef, New England’s largest temporary and permanent culinary staffing and training agency cares about nutrition and educating those who need it in the communities they serve. The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts Nutritional Workshops’ Mirah McNamara was invited by Snapchef Meagan Greene to join her Apprentice training program that will be wrapping [...]

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Recipe: Sautéed Kale

Veggies get such a bad reputation: they’re too tough, not tasty enough, too bitter or just not what we feel like eating when we sit down for a quick bite. With this recipe, you are guaranteed to feel differently! This recipe is inspired by the way that Ethiopian cuisine tailors their veggies. Tossed in with [...]

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Recipe: Zeppole

Begin your winter weekend with this timeless dessert that is a favorite of the Snapchefs. This is an relatively simple recipe for an Italian delicacy. Enjoy! Ingredients 1 vanilla bean 1/2 cup sugar, plus 3 tablespoons 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon 1 stick butter 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup water 1 cup all-purpose flour 4 eggs Olive oil, [...]

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Snapchef Wishes You a Very Happy Holiday Season

HOLIDAYS ARE A SPECIAL TIME OF GIVING AND SHARING! Snapchef's founders, Todd and Daniela Snopkowski, have always searched for win-win relationships: beneficial collaborations for the community, for Snapchef employees, for the food service industry, and for Snapchef as a company. In the 15 plus years of Snapchef's existence, clients have come to trust that we do [...]

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Recipe: My Ancestral Stew w/ Gluten Free Dumplings

This unique, winter stew recipe has been re-imagined by our own in-house talent Ashley ("Neph") Williams based on her indigenous heritage. It's a combination of coconut, potato, corn and peas - some of the main staples of a native American meal throughout North America and down through Central and South America. Even when you're full, [...]

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