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From Staffing to Menus: Elevate Your Camp’s Dining Experience with Snapchef

The Challenge

Many camps, often located in remote areas, face significant operational challenges. Key among these is the difficulty of securing reliable transportation for staff, making it hard for them to reach the camp locations. Additionally, many camps struggle with running dining services due to a lack of expertise and knowledge in the food service industry. This combination of logistical and operational issues creates a substantial burden for camp administrators, impacting the overall quality of the camp experience.

The Solution

Snapchef, a comprehensive staffing and dining services provider, offers tailored solutions to address these types of challenges. The organization excels at recruiting the right match for each camp’s specific needs—considering the required skills, relevant experience, and suitable personalities. Furthermore, Snapchef provides transportation solutions for their staff, ensuring they can reliably and efficiently reach even the most remote camp locations.

For Girl Scouts, Snapchef assembles a complete team of up to seven staff members per camp, ranging from utility food prep workers to executive chefs. Since 2019, Snapchef staff have served up to three meals a day, six days a week, ensuring that all dining services at several camp locations across New England are handled professionally. This partnership extends for 9 to 10 weeks each camp season, serving meals to hundreds of happy campers and camp counselors per summer!

This season, Snapchef’s role has expanded beyond staffing. Its staff created the camp’s entire menu and curated food suppliers, ensuring a seamless and high-quality dining experience.

The Results

Snapchef has proven to be an invaluable partner for Girl Scouts and for similar camps operated by other organizations. Their comprehensive approach ─ from providing skilled and reliable staffing to menu creation and supplier curation ─ ensures that every aspect of a camp’s dining needs is expertly managed.

This not only enhances the overall camp experience for attendees but also saves the camps money by reducing the need for in-house recruitment and training efforts. Camps can now focus on their core mission of providing enjoyable and enriching experiences, knowing that their dining services are in expert hands.

Ready to streamline your dining operations and improve camper satisfaction? Contact us today, and a member of the Snapchef team will be in touch!

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