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Snapchef’s Expertise Ensures Smooth Culinary Operations for Large-Scale Events

The Challenge

After Covid had finally started to let up, one of our local Ivy League Colleges had the daunting task of having not 1 commencement but 2 commencements in the same weekend! Their goal was to give the 2020 grads the formal graduation ceremony that they weren’t able to have during the onset of Covid in 2020. They also had a class reunion the same weekend! This meant that they needed the support of over 200 shifts in one week, in order to make sure all 3 events went off without a hitch! With over 50 Snapchef staff members needed per day (on certain days) as well as working 3 different events & several different staggered start times, the potential for chaos was high. The primary concern was staff members getting lost or failing to arrive at the correct locations on time, which could disrupt event operations significantly.

The Solution

Snapchef addressed this challenge by revising its service agreement to include a dedicated staffing manager. This manager was tasked with supervising Snapchef staff on-site, signing in employees, and directing them to their respective positions. This proactive approach ensured that every staff member was accounted for and present where they needed to be, easing the client’s concerns during this high-pressure event.

The Results

The dedicated supervisor assigned during University’s Commencement Week events significantly improved the management of the large staff, resulting in smoother operations and increased client satisfaction. With the supervisor on-site, the Client experienced:
  • Improved Staff Coordination: The dedicated supervisor ensured proper check-ins and directions for staff members, preventing any from getting lost or missing their shifts.
  • Enhanced Client Experience: The client reported a significant reduction in stress and operational issues during the events, as they no longer had to worry about tracking a large number of staff members.
  • Operational Efficiency: The supervisor served as a direct point of contact between Snapchef staff and the client, facilitating better communication and quicker resolution of any issues.
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