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Employers Can Hire Temporary or Permanent Hospitality Staff — On-Demand

The SNAPapp/Portal is a robust hospitality staffing tool that gives employers immediate access to a pipeline of pre-screened hospitality talent. With just a few clicks, employers can select and hire back-of-the-house or front-of-the-house talent for either temporary or permanent job placement.

The SNAPapp/Portal is powered by Snapchef, New England’s leading hospitality training, and staffing agency, with offices in Boston, Springfield, Worcester, and Providence. Snapchef fulfills hospitality staffing needs for major universities, hospitals, hotels, caterers, restaurants, and corporate cafeterias throughout the region.

Employer Benefits

The SNAPapp/Portal was designed to benefit a wide range of employers. It can accommodate universities, hospitals or large corporations with a need for large, on-site staff, to restaurants or caterers that may need to fill only a few positions.

Key benefits include:

Proven Success

Since March 2018, more than 100 employers have used SnapApp / Portal to source and hire chefs, sous chefs, executive chefs, servers, and other hospitality talent throughout New England.

I like that I can now see who is coming because I don’t always remember the names but I am pretty good with faces. I also like on the portal that I can make notes on different workers and if needed I could edit the times.

Heidi Semenchuk, Director of Dining, WPI Morgan Hall POD

I love the new app, it keeps me organized and it’s user friendly too. I can book in advance and actually see the order without waiting for a confirmation text/email from the office.

Ann Strom, General Manager, Sodexo@bose

I personally use the portal everyday and find it extremely useful. I can schedule the staff I need and leave messages for both the Snap chef folks and also the Employee that is covering that shift. It is a lot better than the old way of trying to fill out the slips and hope they are received on your end so it matches with my weekly payroll. All in all the portal has been a very useful tool for accuracy and knowing who is coming to my facility on an every day basis. Thank You!

Robert Raymond, Executive Chef, Clark University Dining Services

Our Clients Using the App / Portal include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions we receive. If you’re interested in learning more, we encourage you to contact us and we’d be happy to provide a demonstration.

The SNAPapp/Portal is designed to help everyone in the culinary industry. No matter how big or small a location is. Everyone is able to use the SNAPapp/Portal.

  • To View Current Shifts/Orders
  • To View Unapproved time slips
  • To Add a New Order
    • Add any notes for the company/managers under “Notes for Snapchef”  Add any requirements for the employee to see for the shift under “Special Requirements”
  • To cancel an order
  • To search for a specific order
  • Notes for shifts which have been filled
  • Call Snapchef directly

We serve the staffing needs of employers throughout the New England Area