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Whether you’re looking for entry level, middle level or executive chef staff – for either temporary placement or permanent placement – we’ll find qualified, trained and experienced staff to meet your needs. We also offer executive placement services to fill permanent executive-level office positions. At our training facilities in Dorchester and Worcester, we conduct in-house orientations and culinary arts testing to evaluate our employees and help to advance their culinary skills. We also understand the importance of attitudes as well as safety in the food service and hospitality industries and are equipped with certified instructors who provide training services for our employees as well as clients.

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  • Because of our longevity in the temporary culinary staffing and training business, our food service professionals have become the best in the business. We maintain a vast network of contacts throughout New England to help you find the right people for any culinary staffing need you have.
  • We can help you lower your turnover percentages by working directly with you, understanding your needs and allowing you to choose from our large database of employees to find the perfect fit for your team.
  • Our rates include all employee payroll taxes, workers compensation and liability insurance, advertising and recruiting expenses.
  • We can provide temporary staff for your kitchen from top to bottom. Here are some of the popular positions we supply:

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  • The demand for dependable, vetted, permanent level culinary professionals in New England is at an all-time high. We recruit top culinary talent for the most reputable food service operators in the business.
  • Our team of culinary professionals that truly focus on understanding your staffing needs. That’s because we’ve been in your shoes before and understand that every operation is unique. Our primary job is to learn your culture, internal operations, business demands, staffing model and management interests.
  • Our recruiting focus is on position with titles of, but certainly not limited to:
    • Sous Chef
    • Kitchen Manager
    • Executive Sous Chef
    • Chef de Cuisine
    • Pastry Chef
    • Chef Manager
    • Executive Chef
    • Corporate Chef
    • Regional Chef
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Call today! 844-4-CHEFHELP | 844-424-3343

  • Our executive placement division specializes in finding top quality candidates to fill permanent executive-level office positions for food service organizations and corporations of any size. Our well-connected management team will take the time to understand your specific staffing needs and work to recruit top-tier talent for your business. Our services cover:
    • Executive Level Management
    • General Managers
    • Executive Chefs
    • Food Service Directors
    • Director of Culinary Development
    • Operations Manager
    • Director of Operations

Our SIX POINT BACKGROUND CHECK is one more tool we use to ensure the consistency and dependability of our employees:

POINT ONE – The official background check done by a certified agency (ICORI). This professionally produced report forms the backbone of what legal issues, if any, are part of the each applicants past. Also for Healthcare clients we provide complete occupational health requirements.

POINT TWO – In addition to documenting the I-9 form for each applicant Snapchef goes through E-Verify to assure that social security numbers given are accurate and authentic.

POINT THREE – We submit each applicant to a powerful search engine to set out our own net far and wide to see if what might surface would reflect on a candidate past both legal and otherwise.

POINT FOUR – Intensive reference checks among past employers and personal references goes a long way to get a 360 degree view of what the person is about.

POINT FIVE – Each candidate is run through the National Sex Offender web site. This double-check makes sure that each Snapchef is clear with regard to this critical issue.

POINT SIX – Realizing that issues may arise after employment has been established Snapchef re-runs the key checks annually for each employee. In addition we monitor employee performance daily by contacting the client and checking. We call this the REPORT CARD method. It involves taking note when “red flag” issues may arise. We follow up with the employee and assess the employee’s trustworthiness. This is where workplace etiquette, anger management issues and overall work ethic can be monitored and dealt with in real time.