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A Letter from Snapchef Founders Todd & Daniela Snopkowski

As summer winds down and the beach chairs begin to fold, we are able to reflect and be grateful for how strong, resilient and resourceful our team, partners and community have been during the unprecedented last two years. While maintaining our prioritization on health and safety protocols, we’re also incredibly excited and optimistic for the fall 2021 season. Over the past few months we’ve been optimizing our operations and building new ways for individuals to enter the food service and hospitality industry, including launching our Online Fast Track Cook One Course in partnership with Rouxbe. We’re eager and prepared for the road ahead and uplifted by seeing students return to schools and many of our favorite venues reopening. This fall season brings so much opportunity for individuals to learn new skills and advance their careers – and we couldn’t be more motivated to help our Snapchefs shine. It’s no secret that Covid-19 put a large strain on staffing levels, but a recent spike in applicants is telling of the positive turning of the tide this fall. To ensure we continue attracting the best talent, we’re also extending our referral and hiring bonus programs through the end of the year. We look forward to an amazing season together!


Todd & Daniela Snopkowski
Co-Founders, Snapchef

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