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Recipe: Cider-Braised Chicken, Brussels Sprouts and Apples

At Snapchef, we love creating unique recipes using local, seasonal produce. In this classic pan-sautéed chicken thigh entrée, we’ve incorporated the taste of New England autumn’s bounty with tart red apples, Brussels sprouts and hard cider to create a taste of fall in New England. Try it out and let us know what you think.


  • 4 slices bacon, chopped
  • 8 bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs (about 3 1/2 pounds total)
  • 2 medium tart red apples, cored and cut into wedges
  • 1 (12 – ounce bottle) hard cider
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme
  • 2 tablespoons whole grain mustard – or spicy French mustard
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 12 ounces fresh Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved if large (2 cups)


  1. In a large skillet cook bacon over medium heat until crisp; remove from pan, reserving drippings in skillet.
  2. Add chicken, skin side down, and cook 10 minutes or until browned, turning once; remove from skillet.
  3. Add apples to the skillet and cook 4 minutes or until browned on both sides; remove from skillet. Drain and discard drippings from skillet.
  4. Add cider, thyme, mustard, and salt to skillet, scraping up any browned bits. Bring to boiling; reduce heat.
  5. Return chicken to skillet. Cover and simmer 10 minutes.
  6. Add Brussels sprouts. Cover and cook 5 minutes.
  7. Add apples and cook, uncovered, 3 to 5 minutes more or until chicken is done (at least 175 degrees F).
  8. To serve, divide chicken thighs, Brussels sprouts, and apples among shallow bowls or plates. Spoon cider mixture over top. Sprinkle each serving with bacon.

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