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Truffle Oil Popcorn

A recipe for a quick, delicious and healthy snack is always in need. The flavor of this popcorn combines the classy and potent tastes of truffle mushrooms with the savory tones of thyme, cayenne and nutritional yeast. What is nutritional yeast? Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that is high in B vitamins and has a buttery, cheesy flavor that offers a great alternative to people who are lactose intolerant, vegan/vegetarian, requiring special dietary needs, or just in need of a healthy and tasty addition to any food!

Yield: 12-15 (4oz) Servings    

Total Time: 30 Minutes          Prep Time: 15 Minutes           Cook Time: 15 Minutes


  • -6 cups popcorn kernels
  • -Storage Bags
  • -Kettle
  • -Truffle Oil (2)
  • -Sea Salt
  • -Cayenne Pepper
  • -Nutritional Yeast (6-8 cups)
  • -Fresh Thyme (3 bunches)
  • -Coconut/Olive Oil (16oz)

Method of Preparation:

  1. Heat oil in kettle (you can test the heat of the oil by throwing a few test kernels in oil)
  2. Add kernels, thyme, and cayenne pepper to the kettle
  3. When popcorn finishes popping, transfer to bowl.
  4. Toss with truffle oil, sea salt and nutritional yeast to taste. Enjoy!

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