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Employee Spotlight: Charlene Guinard

SnapChef Location: Worcester
Date: 6/21/2017
Position: Cook

Tell me about yourself

I am a single mother who is disabled. I love to work, and remember everything I’ve been taught. I have even created my own cook book!

How did you break into the culinary field?

I started in the field by working in my high school cafeteria. I’ve always loved cooking different foods and learning new recipes. Thinking outside the box is always my goal!

What is the best thing you have learned on the job?

The best thing I’ve learned since working with Snapchef is the most efficient way to prepare foods properly and safely. Using the correct cutting boards is very important to food safety and I am thankful I have been given the opportunity to earn and learn.

What is your favorite thing about work?

I love being able to visit different kitchens to learn new things. Next best thing is preparing a meal that is delicious and watching the client enjoy it from start to finish.

What is your favorite meal to make at home?

I have created a hot dog cook book full of different recipes to prepare different types of dogs and I love coming up with more ideas.

“Charlene is what I like to call a “can-do,” no matter what or where the position is, Charlene is my go to. Charlene started off with Snapchef as a basic cook, with the fundamentals of cooking instilled, but not much experience preparing in a corporate atmosphere regarding safety and sanitation. Through our months, Charlene has become an apprentice for our company and continues to strive for greatness. Each account she goes to she is eager to learn new things and is extremely capable to taking direction and producing exactly what our client expects. Charlene has learned a surplus of knowledge in her little time with us, and is always trying to learn more to help more. She is an ideal Snapchef employee and culinary apprentice, ready to take the next step always.”

-Carl Tracy, Operations Manager

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