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Employee Spotlight: Lucy Torres

Snapchef Location: Springfield
Date: 12/1/17
Position: COOK

Tell me about yourself

My name is Lucy Torres. I am a proud grandmother of eight and a great grandmother of one. I am receiving my AS degree at HCC (Holyoke Community College) in Food and Hospitality Management.

How did you break into the culinary field?

I love to bake and cook, so I searched for local programs that could help me learn a trade in this competitive field.

What is the best thing you have learned on the job?

The most essential thing for me is to always stay humble. This allows me to communicate with others respectfully. Allowing myself to collaborate with others and gain their different viewpoints.

What is your favorite thing about work?

Experiencing different cultures. Working for Snapchef allows me diversity. I go to work excited about the opportunity to work at new venues and the chance to enhance my culinary skills.

What is your favorite meal to make at home?

My favorite meal to prepare at home is rice, beans and chicken.


Snapchef Springfield is proud to have such an enthusiastic employee as Lucy Torres. Her positive work ethic, and ability to time manage are only a couple examples of why we enjoy having Lucy on or team. Aside from priding herself on her work, Lucy also volunteers at her local church and is a troop leader for Boy Scotts of America. Lucy is a pleasant and vivacious addition to the Snapchef team.

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