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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Recipe: Pasta With Chicken And Pea-minto Pesto And Toasted Pine Nuts

Pasta is a perennial global favorite, for any season – so teaching our Snapchefs a variety of preparation and sauce techniques is critical. This week, we’re teaching a fresh summer variation of a classic pesto sauce which we love – hope you so as well! Ingredients 1lb. Gigli pasta (sometimes known as Campanelli pasta). Penne [...]

2017-11-02T20:21:05-04:00June 8th, 2017|Recipe|

So, you want to be a chef? Celebrity Chefs share their tips on breaking into the industry*

In the age of TV chefs, the stars of the kitchen have become almost like rock stars. But don’t be fooled: beyond the hype of reality TV, working in a professional kitchen is a tough gig. With that said, being a chef is also undeniably a “hot” job. It can be grueling and stressful – [...]

2017-11-02T20:24:26-04:00June 7th, 2017|blog|

Recipe: Quinoa Fruit Salad and Honey Lime Dressing

Quinoa with blueberries, strawberries, mango and a refreshing honey lime dressing. This easy and healthy Quinoa Fruit Salad is by our own talented, in-house chef-instructor Will McDonough, and goes well with any summer meal.   INGREDIENTS: FOR THE QUINOA: 1 cup quinoa (I used Red Quinoa) 2 cups water Pinch of salt FOR THE HONEY [...]

2017-11-02T20:21:22-04:00June 1st, 2017|Recipe|
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