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Recipe of the Week: Easter Leftover Scramble

Serves: 4 people Total Time: 15 minutes Prep Time: 5 Minutes Cook Time: 10 Minutes Ingredients: Leftover ham, chopped small Leftover broccoli, chopped small Leftover potatoes, chopped small 6 each large eggs, whisked. Cheddar cheese to taste Salt and pepper to taste Green onion, green and white parts sliced thin (for garnish) Method of [...]

Client Spotlight: Mansion Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Snapchef is honored to work with Mansion and be part of the Rhode Island Healthcare Association. Here is a little more about Mansion.  The Mansion Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to restoring each resident to their maximum function. Their health care services are based on evidence-based practices, managed by an experienced healthcare team.  Mansion provides [...]

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