Snapchef is the largest culinary training and staffing company in New England, providing staffing for food service establishments of any size throughout the region. Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent kitchen staff, or a food service corporate executive, our experienced management team works one on one with you to find trained staff of all experience levels to meet your specific needs. We also offer a comprehensive range of food service and hospitality training and consulting services.

Our clients include major universities, hospitals, five-star hotels, major food service corporations, caterers, corporate cafeterias and more.

Snapchef is chef-owned and operated. Discover why founder and CEO Todd Snopkowski is recipient of the 2015 SBA Small Business Person of the Year award for Massachusetts, as well as recipient of the 2016 Citizens Bank Good Citizens Award – and how Snapchef can quickly and easily handle all of your culinary and food service management staffing needs.

Mission Statement:

To create career opportunities and guide community members in a transformative process to unlock their potential and find meaningful and sustained work in the food service industry.

Company Vision:

Snapchef is both a community and food service industry driven culinary staffing and training company.  In simple terms: we supply quality, trained, professional staff.

For over a decade we’ve supplied our clients with staffing solutions while developing results driven culinary training programs for our clients and employees while building relationships with community groups, churches and culinary schools who also support the growing need for culinary job readiness training and job creation.

We’re also very proud of the fact that our clients often keep our people on to help train their new employees and use our trainers to get required certifications.

Business Goals and Objectives:

Our goals stem from our mission: “develop food service workers that can find and hold sustainable jobs.”  We want our company to touch as many lives as possible. The number of food service workers we develop and employ determines how successful we have been.

Working with several culinary advisory boards and development teams has connected owner and founder, Todd Snopkowski with some great individuals who share the same vision of Snapchef and have partnered up to support the mission.