There are many different ways you can start, change or grow your existing career in the foodservice industry with Snapchef. Whether you have no experience at all, or years of experience; or whether you’re currently a student in a culinary arts program seeking a unique internship, or looking for a career change where you want to work part-time or even just when you want to work, we have suitable opportunities and immediate positions of all  levels to suit your lifestyle and career goals.

Have No Experience?

Get Started.
  • Jump start your career in the expanding food service industry. Whether you’re looking for temporary or permanent work, Snapchef could be a great career move for you. With Snapchef Fast Track Culinary training (see below), you’ll develop the skills and experiences you’ll need for long-term success in the field.
  • Working for us and our clients means working side by side with the best chefs and kitchens in New England. Often, relationships develop between these chefs and our employees which can lead to significant career advancement.
  • You may find yourself working in places you never thought of – corporate, hospital and university cafeterias, entertainment stadiums, hotels, country clubs and more. Many of our employees have discovered different aspects of the food service industry which helped them grow their careers.
  • Once you complete our fun, 5-day hands-on orientation and culinary arts testing, we’ll find an appropriate placement for you. We also make sure Snapchef managers provide you with feedback that we receive on your performance and give you quality advice on how to improve.
  • As a Snapchef trainee, you’ll also have opportunity to obtain the necessary ServSafe food safety certification.
  • We’re dedicated to supporting and developing our employees and making a positive difference in their lives, because we believe when you have the proper training and guidance you can achieve your goals and lead a satisfying life.

Fast Track ‘Earn and Learn’ Culinary Training

Serious about a foodservice career, but unsure about attending culinary school? Then fast track your career in our unique culinary training program. At Snapchef, you can earn as you learn. We’ll get you cooking and earning an income right away, as you also take our no-cost, 2-year Snapchef Fast Track culinary training curriculum at our locations Dorchester, Worcester or Springfield, Massachusetts. When you complete your training, you’ll be eligible to either continue your studies to obtain a AOS/ bachelor’s degree at an accredited culinary university, or become qualified to be a lead cook. This program has secured a Massachusetts apprenticeship standards certification.

Available Positions


“Just wanted to mention that the lady at the grill today was the best there has been in a long time! She was happy-go-lucky, but serious, very quick and attentive. Can we keep her, can we keep her????


“I came to Snap Chef because I heard there was an opportunity for work. I worked in many places and with your encouragement I took a full-time position through your “temp-to-perm” program. I just wanted to write and say how much I appreciate what you and Snapchef did for me. I’ll never forget it!”


“When I first moved to Boston, I was concerned that it might take me some time to find work in the culinary field. I went to Snapchef on my second day in my new city and was working 2 days later. Being sent to different clients for various lengths of time allowed me to stay sharp in all aspects of kitchen work. After being at a major local hospital for an extended period I was offered a full-time position as a manager of the food services department. I now have a great full-time career all thanks to the team at Snap Chef.”


“I was just made chef at the restaurant I’ve been working at! It’s hard to believe I started with Snapchef as a dishwasher and had never worked in a professional kitchen. I remember the orientation and the ServSafe class and realized this could be a real job for me and my family. I learned so much while working at Snapchef!


“I just wanted to pass along some feedback on Rodney our Snapper Utility. He did a fantastic job for me and was always willing to learn and tackle special projects. He performed the required job flow with consistency and was a team player. He covered the position really well and needed no supervision on required tasks. Thank you for continuing to send him here to cover over the last 3-4 months. Today is the last day we’ll need him. Please give him a pat on the back for a job well done for you! Take care of him, he is a good guy.”


Have Experience?

Apply Now.
  • No matter what level of culinary experience you have – whether a line cook or executive chef, we can place you in a position that matches or advances your career, and suits your lifestyle goals. Just lets us know what type of position you’re seeking and the hours that you’re looking to work, and we’ll work one-on-one with you to find a new opportunity that you may never have even thought of.

Unique Student Internships

  • Are you in a culinary tech school or college and looking for a unique culinary student internship that will set you apart? Unlike other student internships where you work at just one location, with Snapchef, you can work at 2 or even 3 different foodservice establishments over the course of your internship to expand your range of experiences and further build your résumé.