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Recipe of the Week: Shaved Fennel and Arugula Salad with Orange Supreme and Seared Yellowfin Tuna

Serves: 4 people Total Time: 15 minutes Prep Time: 12 minutes Cook Time: 3 minutes Ingredients: 1 Fennel Bulb, Shave, Save the Fronds 1 Navel Orange, Supreme Cut, Save Juice and Zest of the Orange. 1 Bag of Arugula 1 Pound of #1 Grade Yellowfin Tuna, Cut Into Blocks [...]

Recipe of the Week: Firecracker Sausage with Pommes Fondant and Crispy Spinach

Serves: 4 people Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes Ingredients: Open Seared Sausage: 4 Links of Hot Italian Sausage, Sliced Down the Side and Opened Flat Canola Oil Pommes Fondant: 4 Russett Potatoes, Peeled and Cut in Half 1/2 Stick of Butter [...]

Recipe of the Week: Strawberry Summer Salad with Cilantro Baked Salmon

Serves: 4 people Total Time: 45 minutes Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Ingredients: Candied Walnuts: 1 Teaspoon of Paprika 1 Tablespoon of Brown Sugar 1 Teaspoon of Kosher Salt 3 Tablespoons of Melted Butter Salmon: 1 Pound of Salmon Filet Kosher Salt to Taste Black Pepper to [...]

Recipe of the Week: Bay Scallop Ceviche with Tostones and Spicy, Puffed Vermicelli Rice Noodles

Serves: 5-6 people Total Time: 45 minutes Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 15 minutes Ingredients: Bay Scallop Ceviche: 2 pounds Bay Scallops (Fresh Nantucket Bays or Peconic Bays are recommended) 1 Orange Bell Pepper, Diced 1 Yellow Bell Pepper, Diced 1 Red Bell Pepper, Diced 1 Red Onion [...]

Recipe of the Week: Italian Chicken Burger with Parmesan Fries

Serves: 4 People Total Time: 45 Minutes Prep Time: 30 Minutes Cook Time: 15 Minutes Ingredients: Italian Chicken Burger: 4 Rolls (your favorite type) 1 Pound of ground chicken 4 Ounces sun-dried tomatoes, minced 1 Bunch basil, minced 1 Shallot, minced 8 Ounces of prosciutto, chopped 4 Slices of provolone [...]

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