Snapchef FAST TRACK Culinary School Will Jump Start Your Career

A Non-Traditional Culinary School

Snapchef FAST TRACK is not your typical culinary school. We are the largest culinary training, staffing and placement company in New England. With the end goal of launching your culinary career, we provide a robust culinary education program developed by our team of current and former executive chefs, and former faculty from some of the nation’s leading culinary institutions.

We excel at connecting motivated and skilled foodservice professionals with leading organizations throughout the region, country and even the world. Our industry connections include five-star hotels, food service corporations, caterers, corporate cafeterias and hospitals.

Benefits Culinary Schools Don’t Provide

Unlike culinary schools throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and greater New England, our culinary curriculum offers all of the following:

  • Fast Track Culinary Training taught by our Snapchef Managers
  • ServSafe cooking classes that help you earn national accreditation for food safety
  • Apprenticeships that help you gain hands-on experience (and build your résumé)
  • Transportation to and from your culinary training
  • Four convenient locations throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island
a non-traditional culinary school with locations across new england

A True Partner in Your Career Success

At this point, you’re likely thinking: This is too good to be true. How can this be free?  

It’s the result of our business model. We offer culinary training and education at no cost to aspiring foodservice professionals because we’re compensated by corporations seeking the right culinary talent. Our mission is to empower individuals, fulfill the needs of employers, and be an economic engine for New England.

We also know how hard it can be to break into and establish a culinary career. We’re chef owned and chef operated, and we believe everyone deserves a chance at a career they love, even if they can’t afford the cost of traditional higher education.

Ready to begin culinary school — for free?