ServSafe Training for Employers

Snapchef offers a full suite of employee food safety training programs, including ServSafe training that culminates with employees achieving ServSafe Food Handler and/or ServSafe Manager certifications.

As the leading culinary training and recruiting organization in New England, we’ve provided ServSafe certification training for many of our corporate clients, including catering companies, colleges & universities, hospitals, hotels, restaurant groups, and other businesses.

Servsafe training
trainees holding their servsafe training certificates

We know employers have many choices for their ServSafe training needs. However, unlike typical providers, we offer a rare combination of:

Snapchef provides ServSafe Food Handler and ServSafe Manager certification training.

ServSafe Food Handler training addresses food safety basics for preparing and serving food. Everything from time and temperature standards, cross-contamination prevention, understanding the importance of personal hygiene, and more. Our syllabus closely follows the material needed to pass certification.

ServSafe Manager training is the course for aspiring food service managers. We’ll teach your staff the ability to be able to look at all the critical control points within your establishment and how to effectively manage them. Our syllabus closely follows the material needed to pass certification.

In addition to helping your staff earn their certifications, we strengthen each employee’s confidence when working in a professional kitchen. It’s something we hear quite a bit of when we conduct exit surveys. This newfound confidence can be life altering for those entering the culinary profession.

The format of our food safety trainings is tailored to employee needs. For example, more seasoned culinary staff (e.g. managers) may simply need a refresher course to get recertified. In this instance, we would recommend a classroom only format to study the latest edition of the ServSafe textbook and testing materials. 

By contrast, employees with less experience would require a training combination of classroom and kitchen formats. Snapchef believes in the value of having each student apply their training to a professional kitchen setting. Furthermore, we have found that visual demonstrations followed by hands-on application of ServSafe concepts are the most effective forms of instructing beginners.

Bottom line: Our food safety instructors are afforded a great deal of flexibility on how to cover the material given the student’s experience and abilities.

Snapchef does “house calls”. We provide on-site training* to our clients throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont. We would facilitate employee scheduling and room setup, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We know it can be challenging to organize groups and get them to a training site. Not to mention the overtime wages, transportation costs, and other factors that can make this both costly and inconvenient. With on-site training, your employees receive the added benefit of training within a familiar environment, which makes the learning experience more impactful.

*If necessary, we offer training facilities in Boston, Worcester and Providence. These facilities, equipped with commercial kitchens, are suitable for food safety training purposes. We would arrange logistics with your employees and provide transportation as needed.

Our ServSafe training fees are completely custom to the needs of our corporate clients, depending on the ServSafe program, the group size, training location(s), and other factors. We supply the appropriate ServSafe textbook, on-site instruction, proctoring of the exam, and delivery of certificates.

ServSafe Classes

If you need one of our Certified Instructors on location and/or have a large volume of staff to certify, please click here to customize your training session in a Snap!

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