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Snapchef is the leading food service staffing agency in New England. Since 2000, we have cultivated a pipeline of more than 10,000 food service workers that can staff temporary or permanent positions across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

Unlike other food service staffing agencies, all of our workers undergo rigorous screening and training, so they’re readily equipped with the culinary, ServSafe and COVID-19 disinfection skills needed for superior performance. With Snapchef, employers get skilled and experienced staff who are ready to work.

Positions Filled in a Snap

A wide range of back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house staff can be requested using our convenient mobile app, the SNAPapp. It’s where employers seamlessly post shifts, track hours, and process payroll. Hundreds of employers have used our SNAPapp since 2018.

Jobs filled include:

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Qualified Workers

All Snapchef-supplied workers undergo a combination of screening and training so they meet stringent standards.

We perform background checks, E-verification, and prior employment/reference checks for all workers.

Our model of training for foodservice and hospitality employees has revolutionized the industry. We’ve developed a unique and comprehensive culinary and customer service curriculum shaped by the needs of the industry, from five-star hotels to foodservice corporations to restaurants. The curriculum includes 14 distinct training modules that can be completed over the course of two years.

Workers can also gain broader skills in operations, permitting, business plan development, and budgeting. . Overall, this combination of training and exposure to diverse work environments makes Snapchef workers excel where other food service staffing agencies fail.

We help workers earn food safety certifications from the National Restaurant Association by providing ServSafe Manager and ServSafe Food Handler coursework. Rest assured that Snapchef workers know best practices in food safety when preparing and serving food, as well as how to prevent foodborne illnesses.

If your kitchen has a COVID 19 protocol in place, Snapchef is ready to adopt your plan and execute in a SNAP. Snapchef Clean Teams sustain food service and dining operation cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection protocols, giving your workforce and management team confidence in workplace safety.

Who We Serve

Snapchef fulfills the food service staffing needs of many organizations, including assisted living/nursing communities; colleges & universities; corporate campuses; country clubs; hospitals; hotels and resorts; and restaurant chains to name a few.


“I would like to thank [Snapchef] for a very successful Fall Semester. We had a very busy season and it wouldn’t have been as successful with you and your team … they are hardworking, reliable, professional and get along well with all the other team members. Working with the office staff has been great as well … they have been known to hand pick just the right staff that will be successful at my account as I work for an extremely picky client. I have not been disappointed by any of their staff suggestions.”

Susan Pochon, Sodexo at Salve Regina University

“I want to thank you for assisting us with staffing our open Deli Cook position while we search for the right candidate. Jon and Mike who filled in most of the time were the right fit for our staff and operation. I find the [SNAPapp] easy to use when placing orders especially being able to request particular staff … I like how I can confirm hours worked with breaks and give a quick rating or feedback of each staff member if I choose. Again, thank you for helping us with our staffing needs with qualified individuals and your quick response when needed. You have been a pleasure to work with throughout the year.”

Ben Miller, Compass

About Snapchef

Todd and Daniela Snopkowski founded Snapchef in 2002 to address the foodservice industry’s skills gap, especially for supplemental staffing. Since then, the organization has grown to become New England’s leading food service staffing provider with offices and training facilities in Boston, Worcester, Providence, and Springfield.

View The Snapchef Journey including awards and recognition from the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, New England Culinary Arts Training, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, City of Providence, City of Worcester, U.S. Small Business Administration, and others.

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