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5 High-Performance Tools for a Beginner Chef

When you start out cooking at home or professionally, there are so many tools and gadgets that will come in handy to make fresh ingredient preparations easier.  Let’s assume that you have a variety of kitchen pans (we’ll cover that in another segment), you’ll want preparation tools that are truly essential for kitchen safety, accuracy, and efficiency.  Investing in quality tools will prove beneficial and will be long-lasting with proper care.

A large cutting board gives you proper space for organization and safe knife handling performance.  Sharp knives are safer to use and increase productivity.  Wire whisks provide proper mixing and perform well for making favorites like vinaigrettes and whipped cream.  Measuring cups and spoons are helpful for recipe preparations and essential for baking and pastry formulas.  Rounding out the top 5, a good quality digital thermometer will determine proper food doneness for safety and quality of the finished product.

5 high-performance tools for a beginner cook

  • Large cutting board 18 x 24
  • Professional knives: 10” or 12” Chef/French, 6” Utility, 3-4” Paring, Peeler, 12” Honing Steel
  • Stainless Steel Wire Whisks 10” or 12” Piano and French
  • Measuring set cups and spoons
  • Digital Instant-read thermometer with a good temperature range (-58 – 572˚F)

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