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Snapchef Heads Back to Campus to Meet Demand for Culinary Professionals

Culinary Staffing Leader Begins News School Year Supporting New England Colleges and Universities

Backpack, Laptop..Spatula?

The nationally recognized Snapchef team arrives on college and university campuses across New England this week to support culinary teams serve the best quality to students and staff. As the competition to attract students and faculty heats up across the United States, higher ed institutions are focusing on dining services and menus to develop a competitive edge. Providing the best cooks and chefs in the university kitchens are paramount to that effort.

Snapchef is the largest culinary training and staffing company in New England, providing staffing for food service establishments of any size throughout the region. Whether looking for temporary or permanent kitchen staff, or a food service corporate executive, our experienced management team works one on one with you to find trained staff of all experience levels to meet your specific needs. Snapchef also offer a comprehensive range of food service and hospitality training and consulting services.

Snapchef has built a reputation since 2002 of collaborating with university dining service teams that now extends to over twenty higher ed institutions including Boston College and Salve Regina University. College and university culinary executives depend on the Snapchef professionalism, attention to detail, and culinary skills to begin the academic year.

Building your culinary team for the new semester?

Connect with us at Snapchef and learn more about how we support your chefs!

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