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On-Demand Culinary Staffing Mobile App, The SnapApp, Finds Early Success Among Culinary Clients and Local Chefs

Since launching the SnapApp in March, Snapchef’s first on-demand, culinary mobile application has experienced great success, attracting over 100 clients and local chefs across New England.

Snapchef, the leading culinary training and staffing agency, has used this new platform to meet the ongoing demands of the culinary industry by connecting with individuals who are seeking a new career in the food service industry. As Snapchef recruits the top culinary talent for the most reputable food service operators in the region, the SnapApp has continued to expand upon the company’s proven track record of providing premier culinary talent to its clients.

The SnapApp has brought culinary staffing to the next level with this on-demand labor force, connecting restaurants and food service operators with Snapchef’s team of trained culinary professionals. By decreasing turnover percentages, the SnapApp also has helped these restaurants and food service operators avoid a major culinary crisis and culinary worker shortages.

“Whether an employer needs a shift to be filled at the last-minute, needs a part-time culinary staff, or needs additional culinary workers for a catering job, the SnapApp connects our team of culinary professionals to our clients and partners so that they can fill in where needed,” said Carl Tracy, General Manager of Snapchef Worcester.

Bringing a new technological solution to the culinary world, the SnapApp has provided easy access and utilization for all services such as permanent placement. The SnapApp can be accessible to any smartphone device and desktop computer. Whether one is looking for entry level, middle level or executive chef staff – for temporary or permanent placement – the SnapApp connects hospitality and food service companies with qualified, trained, and experienced professionals to meet their needs in an on-demand response.

“I love the new link (SnapApp), it keeps me organized and it’s user friendly too. I can book in advance and actually see the order without waiting for a confirmation text/email from the office,” said Ann Strom, General Manager, Sodexo@Bose

Snapchef has continued its dedication to bolstering culinary workforce development and responding to the acute shortage of qualified culinary workers throughout the region. The company currently employees more than 1,400 staff, and places between 200-500 Snapchefs per week, on a temporary basis, to a range of food service establishments, including restaurants, caterers, hospitals, universities, corporate cafeterias, and more. With their unique Fast Track Curriculum (FTC), Snapchef prepares individuals for long-term success in the culinary field.


Learn More About The SnapAPP and Portal

By Carl Tracey, General Manager of Snapchef Worcester

From my perspective as an Operations Manager, a lot of time at the beginning of week, we were focused on making sure our staff had their time cards in to be able to pay the employee and charge the client properly. The end of the week was filled with reaching out to clients for their orders for the week coming. This app has brought our payroll tasks in our offices from extensive to minimal.

We introduced this new application to our clients within the past 3 weeks, and I have noticed an extremely successful rate of use throughout my clientele.

The feedback from clients are on different levels. Some of them appreciate our efforts to make ordering and approving worked shifts that much simpler. The others are frustrated because it is just another task added to their list daily.

I believe the “check-in” function will drastically change the mentality of the portal/app because clients will not have to remember when the staff came in or left which is almost the number one reason why it isn’t as helpful as they thought to them.

Besides the hiccups, the clients are now able to free range, and do what they need to do, and add what they need to add by the click of a button. Most clients don’t have the time to be able to reach out and discuss their needs in finer details, but with the note option, clients can tell us what we need to know without holding up their days.

Another thing clients are always looking to do, is check out older weeks and see who they had and when they had them. This is helpful because clients often ask for information as to who they had last week, or another week and they now have the tool to see all that information themselves.

Clients are always looking for a way to make their day more efficient. I believe clients who use Snapchef have felt the amount of weight lifted with us offering a system to manage their services via the internet no matter where they are.

The options to be able to use your cellphone on our app, or your computer on our portal, have made Snapchef users that much more informed. Allowing a more successful experience during servicing times.

I have just about all of my active clients on the app, and it truly has made servicing much easier, and the majority of our clients will agree.

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