Snapchef is proud to offer fun and informative cooking classes at our Providence, Rhode Island enthusiasts wanting to improve their skills in the kitchen. Whether you are just starting out in the kitchen or a seasoned veteran, our professional instructor will showcase recipes and techniques that will help you have fun in the kitchen while preparing delicious meals.

Our classes are taught by David Lentini, a Johnson & Wales University graduate. An extensive background in culinary education, David has worked in the restaurant industry for years and was one of the opening chef instructors at Le Cordon Blue College.

“Food is the great commonality between all people. Eating and enjoying food is what we all have in common. Learning from others while sharing your own culture and love for food is what brings people together. This is what I love about teaching people how to cook,” said Lentini. “I am able to get together with people of all different backgrounds to share, laugh, learn, and explore all kinds of different nuances of food and culture. This experience is thrilling to me and makes me excited to come to work each day and witness the magic that happens in our kitchen.”

Snapchef has a cooking class for a wide variety of food and dishes. From seafood to sweets and everything in between, there is an enthusiast cooking class for you. We are also proud to announce our first collaboration with Dave’s Coffee in Providence for a coffee and doughnuts class.

To find a complete schedule of classes, click here.