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Snapchef Announces New Hires at Five of its Six Office Locations

Culinary Staffing Agency Expands to Meet Shortage of Culinary Staff Throughout the Region

Snapchef – New England’s largest temporary and permanent culinary staffing and training agency, headquartered in Dorchester, is expanding rapidly in response to the acute shortage of qualified culinary workers throughout the region. In the past month, Snapchef has added staff at five of its six office locations in Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Holden and Providence, RI.

Snapchef currently employees more than 1,500 staff, and places between 200 – 300 Snapschefs per week, on a temporary basis, to a range of food service establishments including restaurants, caterers, hospitals, universities, sports stadiums, corporate cafeterias and more.

Snapchef provides each of its new employees with a mandatory 5-day basic training module that qualifies them for entry-level kitchen positions. To further their education and careers, Snapchef staff have the opportunity to complete the company’s unique, 14-module “Fast Track” culinary training and education curriculum over the course of two to three years.

This program allows staff the ongoing opportunity to work in the industry and earn income while they simultaneously pursue in-depth culinary education and training to further their career progression while meeting the needs of industry.

The latest Snapchef hires are:

  • Leanna Smith, Operations Manager, Worcester Office
  • Meagan Greene, Operations Manager, Springfield Office
  • James Dickhaut, Operations Manager, Boston Office
  • Jennifer Gilroy, Office Assistant Manager, Holden Office
  • Naomi Russell, Office Manager, Providence

“Snapchef is a divine opportunity for anyone who’s looking to expand their culinary horizons. I work on a variety of new projects, participate in special events, take an active role in recruiting and get to diversify my background,” says Meagan Greene, Operations Manager, Springfield Office. “Snapchef allows me to teach, create and foster new relationships while cultivating myself.”

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