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Snapchef Expands Apprenticeship USA Program to Dorchester Headquarters

Boston — Continuing its support of workforce development in Massachusetts, Snapchef is launching an expansion of the Apprenticeship USA Program to its headquarters in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Located at 420 Washington Street, Snapchef’s Dorchester office will continue to spur culinary job training in Massachusetts, while at the same time working towards the Program’s goal to double and diversify Registered Apprenticeships (RAs) across the country.

This past September, Snapchef began its expansion of the Apprenticeship USA Program into Western New England after receiving a $225,000 apprenticeship grant for its office in Springfield, Massachusetts. The implementation of the Apprenticeship USA Program in Springfield has shown to be incredibly successful, increasing both job training and career path development for those seeking to work in the culinary industry. Since then, Snapchef has remained committed to providing job-driven culinary training programs and employment opportunities to Massachusetts residents across the Commonwealth.

The apprenticeship grant had been awarded by the Regional Employment Board of Hampden County—which plans, coordinates and oversees the growth and effective use of public and private investment in workforce development initiatives for quality jobs. With the new launch of the Apprenticeship Program at its Dorchester location, Snapchef will continue to expand apprenticeship job creation by training and hiring individuals who hope to establish a career in the culinary industry. With Snapchef’s Fast Track Culinary training curriculum, these individuals will develop the skills and expertise they need for long-term success in the industry.

“Similar to what we did in our Springfield office, Snapchef is eager to expand its number of skilled culinary workers to our headquarters in Dorchester. Through the Apprenticeship USA Program, Snapchef will continue to offer culinary training and work-based learning and to provide culinary job opportunities,” said Todd Snopkowski, Founder and CEO at Snapchef.

Since opening its Workforce Development Center and Corporate Headquarters in Dorchester, Snapchef has experienced business growth and the expansion of employment opportunities in Boston, a major culinary hub filled with successful chefs and top-rated restaurants. Serving as the main training facility for all of the company’s ServSafe certified employees, Snapchef has connected a talented new workforce with the vibrant Boston business and culinary community —hiring over 1,000 individuals in the roles of culinary professionals since opening in 2015 in Dorchester.

By expanding the Apprenticeship USA Program to its Dorchester headquarters, Snapchef hopes to continue hiring and training Boston residents to help meet the professional staffing needs of the culinary industry. Through its partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank, Snapchef has remained committed to its mission of strengthening workforce development in the culinary sector and providing Massachusetts residents with vital job skills. According to reports from the National Restaurant Association, “recruiting and retaining employees” continues to be the main challenge that restaurant operators struggle with every day in their business. Over the past few years, however, Snapchef has been able to build workforce partnerships, such as with the Greater Boston Food Bank, that provide the ability to train culinary professionals, while also increasing the number of culinary workers employed in the Massachusetts economy. By expanding the Apprenticeship USA Program, Snapchef plans to offer a comprehensive range of food and hospitality training at their Dorchester location, ensuring that those aspiring to be chefs have the culinary talent and training to be successful in an industry where there is a growing demand for foodservice professionals.

For many, food service and hospitality jobs are often the first step towards a life-long career. By expanding the Apprenticeship USA Program to Boston, Snapchef hopes to provide the opportunity for individuals to gain the necessary skills and experience in order to succeed in the culinary industry and work for the most established food service operators in the region.

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