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Snapchef Supports and Addresses Food Insecurity and Unemployment During COVID

Quality staffing in a SNAP, Snapchef’s motto. No matter the time or day, Snapchef has hospitality professionals readily available to serve our many clients across the Northeast. As COVID-19 began to strike the individuals, families, and communities near to us, Snapchef was ready to support and address food insecurity and unemployment throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Snapchef partnered with The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development and Massachusetts Department of Career Services to serve as the Employer of Record for the Massachusetts COVID-19 Disaster Dislocated Worker Grant project. This project provided workers to more than 55 organizations across the Commonwealth who have felt the burden of COVID-19; lost employees due to COVID and unable to fund labor due to lack of business in response to quarantine and COVID scares, etc.

“We have been fortunate to receive high caliber employees from the grant program. They have recommended and we have adopted suggested programmatic changes that improved efficiencies and effectiveness such as how to package the food, pack the food, instruct drivers and organize the preparation area. They have brought a high standard of work ethic and kitchen prep knowledge. Their enthusiasm to work and also to connect with seniors, some of whom they are the only social contact of the day, is remarkable and uplifting.”

– Mary Beth Ogulewics, Executive Director at Amherst Senior Center, Amherst, MA.

The DWG worksites include public schooling systems, elder and community services organizations, homeless shelters and more. We anticipate placement of more than 200 affected food-service workers who have experienced COVID-19 hardships; mainly, employees who have lost their positions due to business closure and inability to continue operating in such unprecedented times, individuals unable to find additional employment to provide for their family.

“Working for Worcester Public Schools so far has been a great experience. I was immediately impressed by the level of professionalism and care expressed by those in charge. I was pleased to know how dedicated these professionals were to providing meals that are both delicious and healthy to our children. I feel incredibly lucky to have these folks helping our youth grow and learn. I have enjoyed very much being part of this process to help families within my community to stay appropriately fed and healthy. In these trying times a healthy well-balanced meal goes a long way. I feel blessed to help and am thankful to these wonderful people who go above and beyond in their roles here to serve the public well.”

– Daniel Carrillo, Meal Delivery Driver for Worcester Public Schools, Worcester, MA.

Our employees have accepted an opportunity to contribute meaningful support in their communities. All individuals have experienced some sort of hardship as COVID-19 began to strike close to the heart, but they never gave up hope that this initiative was meant for something bigger and better for everyone involved. The positions we fill are helping many causes, but just to name three big ones: helping families provide meals for their children, providing homeless individuals a meal as often as they need and helping companies find the support they need to continue delivering, feeding, and protecting our communities.

Snapchef has endured challenging times in the past, and it is through the strength of this public and private partnership that we are positioned to lift communities during this unprecedented time. Our workforce and worksites continue to demonstrate their resolve and resilience for themselves and the greater good.

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