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Tips for Short-Staffed Kitchens

How food service operations are structured to perform for their personnel will directly influence workplace morale, retention, and the ability to grow the business through their contributions.  Sound business disciplines will also resonate in relationships with vendors and within the community, as their opinion of your company will shape those of others.

Employees have an expectation that the company’s mindset and performance will match their perception of the company’s image and brand.  Whenever your company is experiencing challenges, include your employees in the solution process.

5 Employee Workplace Assessments:

  • Equitable Pay and Opportunity: Demonstrate fairness and invest in employee growth.
  • Respect: Top-down behavior sets the standard.  Have consistent zero tolerance practices.
  • Training: Use qualified trainers and established SOP’s.  Provide continuous training for growth and advancement.
  • Organization: Structured procedures, assignments, and cross-training leads to workplace satisfaction.  Outsource to maintain adequate staffing levels for workload distribution and customer satisfaction.
  • Teambuilding: Making time for recognition of collective contributions and outcomes is invaluable for developing company pride.

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