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Employee Spotlight: Chef Kizzy Bond

Hi, my name is Kizzy. I was born in Trinidad-Tobago and my name was derived from the movie “Roots.” I learned to love cooking through my mom and around seven or eight years of age I wanted to learn how she did it. My favorite thing then was the rum cake – I loved licking the bowl with the cake batter best (it may have had some rum in it).

Mom’s Roti and Curried Chicken were dishes everybody in the family looked forward to. Even talking about it makes me salivate! Don’t mean to brag but I’m the only one from my generation that has the Roti “it” factor that the family and friends praise. Tru dat!

Much of my family came to the US in 1997. I started high school in South Boston High. I was put in charge of making Roti and doing “food drops” at my aunt’s and other people’s houses. The extra money came in handy as did the praise.

I then entered ITT tech for computers. Two months before graduation I realized I loved cooking. The “food drops” had become sort of a catering business all based in Creole cooking. About two years later I entered Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from which I graduated with a degree in culinary arts.

At Snapchef I run many of the training classes and love seeing people that love cooking but need a path to enter the field. Turns out my computer skills come in handy but at the end of the day I still remember loving licking my mom’s rum cake mixing bowl. Through my profession I carry those special island flavors that were handed down to my mom and were handed down to me as a legacy.

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