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Employee Spotlight: Saquan Moore

Name: Saquan Moore
Snapchef Location: Providence
Position:  Cook

What experience in your life led to you interested in food and cooking? 

Watching my mother cook for six children ultimately led to my first interests into cooking. In high school, it began to get a bit more interesting to me as I began working for a catering company. It has been since then that I knew I wanted to thrive in this industry.

Describe the moment when you decided that you wanted to pursue a career in the culinary field.

There was a time shortly after graduating high school that i made a meal for my family during the NBA Finals. I did a few appetizers and an assortment of wings from about 10-12 people. The feeling of watching everyone enjoy my creations while they almost forgot the game was occurring really put a special feeling in my heart. I know I wanted to continue to make moments like that.

What challenges have you faced – and what obstacles have you had to overcome – to pursue your career in the culinary field? 

I have faced challenges in terms of finding the right kitchen/cuisine to work most often. I have worked for a bunch of chefs that look at their employees as just a cook and not really care much about helping me grow my skills or knowledge. So finding a place where everyone is treated as an equal and not looked down upon has been an obstacle I’ve had to overcome in this industry.

How have friends and family reacted to your career choice?

My friends and family know how much I love cooking, no matter if its at home, for the homeless, at a restaurant, or wherever I am needed. I love being able to present my recipes and ideas to them and they are very helpful with criticism and their honest opinions of my food.

What do you like most about working in a professional kitchen?

I like that I get to met so many new people that can possibly help me grow as a chef and vice versa. I love being able to gain experience and improve daily.

What’s your favorite comfort food?

My favorite comfort foods are fried chicken, collard greens, cornbread, and baked mac and cheese. My love of these stem from my mom.

What is your favorite thing about working at Snapchef?

Being able to travel to different kitchens, meeting new chefs, and gaining different experiences are what I like best about working for Snapchef.  I love to travel and meet new people, so it is amazing getting to do that and while also growing as a chef.

What is your advice to those interested in pursuing a career in the culinary field?

This industry is cut throat, so go into it with an open mind. Work hard and never strop trying to get better at what you want to do.

What are some of your other hobbies outside of cooking?

I also love fashion, going shopping, playing sports, going to the gym, and meeting with my church community to study the bible.

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