We are proud to share several testimonials we have received. Thank you!

I would like to thank you for a very successful Fall Semester. We had a very busy season and it wouldn’t have been as successful with you and your team.

Staff like Devin, Justin, Greg, Joel and Sonni have been key to our success. They are hardworking, reliable, professional and get along well with all the other team members. They are also great with my clients.

They always arrived in uniform and ready to work.

Working with the office staff (Arwen and Mohammed) has been great as well. They always do their best to fill my shift requests with the right staff. They have been known to hand pick just the right staff that will be successful at my account as I work for an extremely picky client. I have not been disappointed by any of their staff suggestions. As the catering manager here at Salve Regina I work all times of day and I have always been able to reach someone in the office no matter the time and they always try their best to help solve any staffing challenges I may have.

Because of the hours I work I really appreciate having access to the snapchef portal & app. I am able to request staff any time of day. I am also able to confirm time slips from home using the app. It is very convenient especially after late night shifts when we don’t get finished working until 1am-2am in the morning. I don’t have to stay even later to complete the timeslips. I am able to do this the next morning from home.

I look forward to a another successful semester with your help!

Thank you so much!

Susan Pochon

Using the Snap Chef Portal has made ordering, managing and planning our temporary labor use by and far way easier than prior experiences with other temp services. Arwen, Mohammed and Cherise are quick to respond to any issues we may have throughout the entire process. Arwen is quick to resolve last minute requests and without fail almost always has someone to fill in last minute. If there  are issues with specific employees they are quick to correct any issues and ensure that it does not happen again. All in all the whole process is made extremely easy from start to finish.

Holly Brennan, Stonehill College, Sodex

When I first heard there was now an app to use for requesting temp labor, I was concerned.  I am an “old-dog” in the business and prefer to deal with people. I have to say, the app that SnapChef created took away those concerns.  Requesting a person couldn’t be easier. Even orders within the 24 hour mark have not been an issue. Using the app, I have also been able to request specific team members who have already been to my account with great success.  Not only that, but when I need to reach an actual person, I am glad to know how responsive the entire team has been to quickly answer the phone and return emails. The app is user-friendly and is one of my greatest emergency tools I have in my arsenal.  SnapChef is a fantastic service, with the BEST people, and an app even this “old-dog” doesn’t mind using.

Shaun Abbondanzio

As the director of culinary operations for Roger Williams University, I find using the Portal and Snap app to be efficient and useful. Once I became familiar with the platforms, it made scheduling and adding in any special requests simple. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Snap Chef office especially with Arwen Robitaille. I always felt confident with reaching out to the office for any questions that I may have had. The response time is on point and consistent, which is key when running a larger operation.

Jonathan Cambra, Roger Williams University

Snapchef has become an invaluable partner here at Brightview Commons, helping to ensure that our dining services department fully exceeds our residents expectations. The Snapchef portal and app have made scheduling very easy, as our needs are constantly changing and fluctuating. The office team is always available to answer questions and is very helpful. Arwen Robitaille, Operations Manager for Rhode Island, has exceptional communication skills and is always within in reach.

Max Manning, Brightview Commons

I want to thank you for assisting us with staffing our open Deli Cook position while we search for the right candidate.  Jon Pearson and Mike who filled in most of the time were the right fit for our staff and operation.

I find the Snap Chef website easy to use when placing orders especially being able to request particular staff like Jon and Mike.  The site is user friendly. I like how I can confirm hours worked with breaks and give a quick rating or feedback of each staff member if I choose.

Again, thank you for helping us with our staffing needs with qualified individuals and your quick response when needed.  You have been a pleasure to work with throughout the year.

Ben Miller, Compass