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A Letter from Snapchef Founders Todd & Daniela Snopkowski

September 21st, 2021|

As summer winds down and the beach chairs begin to fold, we are able to reflect and be grateful for how strong, resilient and resourceful our team, partners and community have been during the unprecedented last two years. While maintaining our prioritization on health and safety protocols, we’re also incredibly excited and optimistic for the fall 2021 season. Over the past few months we’ve been optimizing our operations and building new ways for individuals to enter the food service and hospitality industry, including launching our Online Fast Track Cook One Course in partnership with Rouxbe. We’re eager and prepared [...]

Employee Spotlight: Cherise Morawksi

September 8th, 2021|

Cherise has been with the Snapchef Family since 2011, today marks her 10th Anniversary. Her work ethic, amazing attitude, willingness to learn and grow and above all her ability to stay calm during stressful situations has made her a tremendous asset to our company. Cherise is always ready and willing to help which has made her an important liaison between our branches and managers. Her many years of service are a true testimony of her dedication to the organization, and we are thankful for her contributions. We are looking forward to continuing to support her in her endeavors at Snapchef [...]

Hospitality & Food Service Go Back to School

August 25th, 2021|

It’s no secret that there have been staffing shortages in the food service and hospitality industries. With “help wanted” signs plastered virtually everywhere food is sold or served, it’s been hard to miss. Many furloughed workers have not returned, forcing managers to hire and train completely new employees while remaining short to fill shifts - which has a compound effect on efficiency, service and quality. As a result, menus and hours are being reduced at many locations while wait times and dissatisfied customers are on the rise. With schools, colleges and universities reopening - there is now another major segment [...]

Video: Becoming a Snapchef

August 23rd, 2021|

There's never been a better time to become a Snapchef. With our FREE Fast Track Training, up to $700 in hiring & referral incentives and immediate job placement - new recruits will be making extra dough in no time at full-time or part-time positions at premier stadiums, resorts & hotels, schools & universities, corporate cafeterias, hospitals, restaurants and more. We're humbled by the praise from our partners and beyond excited to extend our training opportunities with our online Fast Track Cook One program, powered by leading culinary school Rouxbe. At Snapchef we strive to provide the training, [...]

It’s #NationalCulinaryArtsMonth

July 20th, 2021|

It's been a busy month around here at Snapchef and to top it all off it is #NationalCulinaryArtsMonth - our time to shine! The culinary world is no joke - and the people who make it up work long days and hard nights to ensure that our mouths are happy & our bellies are full. We couldn't appreciate them anymore! Snapchef continues to embrace our partnership with the MRA (Massachusetts Restaurant Association) - especially their Education Foundation and ProStart Program. We absolutely love the work they are doing to help high school graduates pursue their culinary passions! Be sure to [...]

Snapchef’s Critical Role in Employment Gap covered by The Boston Globe

July 15th, 2021|

This week The Boston Globe published an article on the staffing shortage the restaurant and hospitality industry is facing.  Snapchef was front and center as a viable solution for major dining services, including our partner NexDine, whose co-founder David Lanci is quoted saying “I can just pick up the phone, deal with the app, and my people get qualified candidates” when referring to Snapchef . Written by Samantha Subin, the article also mentions Snapchef's recent partnership with leading culinary school Rouxbe and our online Fast Track training program which gets new workers ready for the hospitality industry in just [...]

MassLive Covers Snapchef’s New Fast Track Online Training

July 15th, 2021|

MassLive covered our partnership with leading culinary school Rouxbe and the recent launch of our online Fast Track training program. We're thrilled to see the momentum of the program out of the gate and a special thanks to Michael Bonner for picking up the story and sharing it with the MassLive audience. If you know anyone interested in starting a hospitality career, we're also currently offering the program for FREE to new Snapchef recruits, providing them with the gear to start their shift, and a ServSafe food handlers certificate (A $300 value). Excerpts from the article: “The quality of [...]

Employee Spotlight: Carl Tracy

July 13th, 2021|

This month we celebrate the 5 Year Work Anniversary of Snapchef team member Carl Tracy, Area Director New England.  Carl is an incredibly valued member of the organization working cross-functionally with business development, recruiting, training operations managers and always being there supporting our clients and managers. Starting out as a Grill Cook with Snapchef, Carl quickly advanced his career to operations manager in just  2 years - and then Area Director a year and a half later. His rapid rise through the ranks and continued commitment to supporting the careers of others in the hospitality industry is an exemplary reflection of the core values and career [...]

Snapchef Fast Track Virtual Training Launch

June 29th, 2021| Snapchef is proud to partner with Rouxbe, the leading online culinary school to provide virtual training to Snapchef recruits and workers across the globe looking to jumpstart their hospitality career. The 20 hour Fast Track Cook One course allows students to learn on their own schedule and teaches Cleaning & Sanitation, Food & Kitchen Safety, Knife Skills, Commercial Equipment Identification, Vegetable Identification and Cookery and Basic Cooking Methods. Qualified Snapchef applicants can take the course for FREE, receive a starter kit with uniform & accessories needed to work in commercial kitchens and get immediate job placement [...]

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