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Tips for Short-Staffed Kitchens

February 8th, 2022|

How food service operations are structured to perform for their personnel will directly influence workplace morale, retention, and the ability to grow the business through their contributions.  Sound business disciplines will also resonate in relationships with vendors and within the community, as their opinion of your company will shape those of others. Employees have an expectation that the company’s mindset and performance will match their perception of the company’s image and brand.  Whenever your company is experiencing challenges, include your employees in the solution process. 5 Employee Workplace Assessments: Equitable Pay and Opportunity: Demonstrate fairness and invest in employee growth. Respect: Top-down [...]

Snapchef Announces Walter Miska as Director of Franchise Development

February 2nd, 2022|

We're so thrilled to add Walter to the Snapchef Executive Team. Read the press release below and learn more about our Franchise Opportunities Here Press Release: CONTACT: Shelly Andrews   BOSTON, Mass.—Snapchef, a leader in temporary and permanent foodservice staffing and training, headquartered in Boston, Mass., has announced the hiring of Walter Miska as Director of Franchise Development. In anticipation of a major expansion, Miska and the executive team will be leveraging Snapchef's existing national preferred contracts with the world's leading foodservice providers to enable turnkey business opportunities across the country.   Miska will develop the systems, policies, and procedures [...]

5 High-Performance Tools for a Beginner Chef

February 1st, 2022|

by Chef Ken When you start out cooking at home or professionally, there are so many tools and gadgets that will come in handy to make fresh ingredient preparations easier.  Let’s assume that you have a variety of kitchen pans (we’ll cover that in another segment), you’ll want preparation tools that are truly essential for kitchen safety, accuracy, and efficiency.  Investing in quality tools will prove beneficial and will be long-lasting with proper care. A large cutting board gives you proper space for organization and safe knife handling performance.  Sharp knives are safer to use [...]

Industry Challenges: Labor and Staffing Shortages and Economic Recovery

January 19th, 2022|

For the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created more competition for individuals who now have more career options driven by technology and remote working. The necessity for individuals to join the hospitality industry and become skilled professionals is pivotal not only for the restaurant industry, but also in hotels, hospitals, universities, conference centers, and corporate cafeterias. The food service and hospitality industry play a significant role as an economic driver. However, without qualified professionals, the industry has slowed down the overall post-pandemic economic recovery. The concerns of meeting national labor shortages go well beyond food service. According to [...]

Employee Spotlight: Mohamed Fayed

October 28th, 2021|

Today we proudly celebrate Mohamed Fayed's 6 Year Anniversary with the Snapchef Management Team. While 6 years is an accomplishment in itself, it only scratches the surface of Momahed's accomplishments, hard work, and rise through the ranks in the culinary industry. Mohamed's history us actually dates back to 2009 when he worked as a Snapchef with partnered clients including Sodexo EMC, where ultimately became a full time Chef for many years. In 20012 Mohamed then returned home to Egypt to support his family and then returned to Massachusetts in 2015 where he returned to Snapchef where he quickly excelled using his past experience [...]

Snapchef Announces Plans for 100 New jobs in Rhode Island

October 20th, 2021|

Photo Credit Rhode Island Governor's Office Snapchef Announces Plans for 100 new jobs in Rhode Island Culinary Staffing Leader Plans to Hire Immediately Providence – October, 20, 2021— Snapchef, the leading culinary training and staffing company in New England announced the expansion of its office in Rhode Island with the hiring of 100 new jobs. This expansion signals Snapchef’s continued growth in Rhode Island. Snapchef expects to spur hiring plans in the region and build new culinary partnerships. The growing culinary business had selected Rhode Island for its proximity to the region’s workforce and access to transportation. Snapchef [...]

A Letter from Snapchef Founders Todd & Daniela Snopkowski

September 21st, 2021|

As summer winds down and the beach chairs begin to fold, we are able to reflect and be grateful for how strong, resilient and resourceful our team, partners and community have been during the unprecedented last two years. While maintaining our prioritization on health and safety protocols, we’re also incredibly excited and optimistic for the fall 2021 season. Over the past few months we’ve been optimizing our operations and building new ways for individuals to enter the food service and hospitality industry, including launching our Online Fast Track Cook One Course in partnership with Rouxbe. We’re eager and prepared [...]

Employee Spotlight: Cherise Morawksi

September 8th, 2021|

Cherise has been with the Snapchef Family since 2011, today marks her 10th Anniversary. Her work ethic, amazing attitude, willingness to learn and grow and above all her ability to stay calm during stressful situations has made her a tremendous asset to our company. Cherise is always ready and willing to help which has made her an important liaison between our branches and managers. Her many years of service are a true testimony of her dedication to the organization, and we are thankful for her contributions. We are looking forward to continuing to support her in her endeavors at Snapchef [...]

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