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Snapchef and Snapchef Foundation Awarded Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Workforce Success Grant

Springfield, MA – June 26, 2024 – Snapchef is among 22 organizations awarded the prestigious Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Workforce Success Grants. The announcement took place at Loophole Brewing in Springfield, bringing together the awarded organizations, Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development Lauren Jones, and other distinguished guests. These grants are funded by the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development and administered by Commonwealth Corporation through the state’s Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund

Empowering Culinary Careers

With this crucial support, Snapchef will expand its Fast Track Hands-On Culinary Training Program, enabling the training of 168 individuals. This program is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to secure stable, rewarding careers in the food service industry. Workforce development is central to Snapchef’s mission, aiming to meet individuals where they are and support them on their career paths.

A Commitment to Workforce Development

“These grants represent more than just financial support; they symbolize a commitment to building a stronger, more resilient workforce and community,” said Carley Snopkowski, Executive Director of the Snapchef Foundation. “With this funding, Snapchef can continue to empower individuals, break down barriers, and create pathways to success in the culinary industry.”

Community Impact

Snapchef and the Snapchef Foundation are dedicated to transforming lives through access to training, development, and support. Their comprehensive training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the culinary workforce, ensuring participants are well-equipped to thrive in this dynamic field. The organization is committed to partnering with the community and employers to ensure every individual served has the chance to achieve their full potential.

Gratitude and Future Plans

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development and Commonwealth Corporation for their unwavering commitment to workforce development,” said Todd Snopkowski, CEO of Snapchef. “We are honored to share this moment with our fellow organizations also receiving awards. Together, we are making a significant impact on our communities and creating a brighter future for all.”

About Snapchef

Snapchef is a premier culinary staffing and training company dedicated to providing high-quality culinary professionals to its clients. With over 20 years of experience, Snapchef has established itself as a leader in culinary staffing solutions, offering flexible staffing options for a diverse clientele, including restaurants, corporate kitchens, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. With a strong focus on professionalism, quality, and reliability, Snapchef has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses seeking top-tier culinary talent.

About Snapchef Foundation

The Snapchef Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Snapchef, expands the company’s mission by offering comprehensive training programs and support services to individuals facing barriers to employment. The goal is to empower them with the skills and resources needed to succeed in the culinary industry.

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