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Todd Snopkowski
Todd SnopkowskiCEO and Founder

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Todd Snopkowski, a pioneer in the food industry, has been leading the charge on workforce development, community building, sustainability and hunger alleviation for more than three decades. All of these personal priorities are present in every project that he’s involved with – most notably, Snapchef, which he founded in 2001 – and the 501c3 Snapchef Foundation, which he founded together with his wife Daniela in 2015.

The genesis of Snapchef was formed during Todd’s tenure as NE Regional Chef at the food service conglomerate Aramark, when we routinely had trouble finding qualified kitchen staff who had the right training and attitude. He was also profoundly influenced by his experience as Chef for The Olympic Village in Atlanta, 1996 – at which he led a team of 72 cooks which fed 15,000 athletes daily for two weeks. Through these experiences, Todd learned that creating win-win environments with a commitment to community would be the key ingredients for any successful enterprise.

Todd foresaw not just a solution to the acute shortage of trained temporary kitchen staff across the food service industry. He saw the opportunity to change lives – and change communities. Snapchef was not to be just an employment agency. Snapchef would be a holistic organization with a mission – dedicated to positive social impact by celebrating food as art and personal expression, sustenance, workforce development and community building.

Todd’s commitment to developing people – and supporting communities – has helped Snapchef grow to more than 1,400 employees. His unique “earn and learn” Fast Track culinary training method to get people started in the business has become a pioneering model of industry-sponsored workforce development.

Through his efforts, Snapchef increasingly collaborates with all levels of government and organizations to explore new ways to serve community members. Snapchef has received numerous awards for community entrepreneurship and continues to have a profound effect on the lives of its staff through job training and creation.

Todd holds a graduate certificate in Small Business Entrepreneurship from Boston University. In 2015, he was the recipient of the 2015 SBA Small Business Person of the Year Award for Massachusetts, as well as an Entrepreneurship Award with Boston Children’s Hospital. In 2016, Todd received the Interise Good Citizens Award for the positive impact that Snapchef has had in the communities in which it operates, and in 2017 he received the Massachusetts Restaurant Association Education Foundation Leadership Award.

Daniela Snopkowski
Daniela SnopkowskiCFO and Founder

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As a company CFO and co-founder Daniela Snopkowski has been with Snapchef from the start, and is the driving force behind the company’s financial management and human resources functions. Daniela has managed the company’s financial growth and has developed from scratch the administrative procedures that Snapchef operates on today. Her unique approach to real time solutions and creative talents have taken her to create a state-of-the-art internal database that have optimized the day to day operations of the company and proven to be seamless for both staff and clients.

The secret of her success? Daniela is a hands on manager that is focused on perfecting the company’s systems for maximum efficiency. She began cultivating her business and entrepreneurial skills as a child. “I started working at my family’s business in Brazil at a very young age and was lucky to have my parents as role models not only in my personal life but also in the business aspect”, she says. By her teenage years she was versed in all areas of the business and ready for her next challenge.

After moving to the United States she joined the food service behemoth Aramark and Campus as a Catering Manager before earning her degree in Business Administration. Throughout the years she has attained the skills and knowledge she has today by her own efforts and ambition along with various business and management classes that have helped her lead Snapchef to new horizons.

When asked what she likes most about being part of building Snapchef, she says: “Making sure people have chances and opportunities to grow, and to go as far as they can go. That’s what makes this all so worthwhile.”

Ed Christian
Ed ChristianVP of Operations

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Hi – my name is Ed Christian, and I’ve been with Snapchef since 2007. My favorite thing about working at Snapchef is helping to operate a successful business that also helps community folks find work and more.”

Ed earned his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University and post graduate degree in business from Harvard University. At the age of 25 he opened the award winning Papillion Gourmet Cafe in Brookline, MA. After that he served as general manager for Wyndham Hotels, Radisson Hotels and Director of Retail Operations for The Boston Convention and Expo Center.

Through his career Ed became increasingly dedicated to the concept of staff training as the key to team excellence. Certified to teach a handful of courses including ServSafe, Ed has helped develop Snapchef’s reputation for well-trained employees and as a training resource for our clients.

“Want to break into the culinary field? There’s lots of opportunity. You have to work with an eye to make it count by learning the trade,” he says. “To build a career, you have work your ass off. But if you love the business, you’ll love what you’re doing.”

George O'Palenick
George O'PalenickSenior Business Advisor

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George remains more than understated about his global culinary footprint and his contributions to culinary education – and would rather talk about his efforts to help young culinarians succeed. While he probably would never mention much about his accomplishments, we’re all too happy to do so.

George is a Certified ACF Culinary Judge and a Certified Lead ACE Certification Evaluator. He’s taken Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at the ACF Boston Food Show; numerous 1st and 2nd Prize Ribbons from the New York Food Show; and – most impressive of all – Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the IKA International Culinary Olympics in Germany. To “top it off,” George is also a member of the Honorable Order of the Golden Toque.

George holds both a B.S. and M.S. in Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University, where he was Associate Professor at the university’s College of Culinary Arts for more than 30 years, and actively involved with curriculum development. He was named 2004 Educator of the Year by the American Culinary Federation (ACF) and was named the Federation’s National Chef of the Year in 1995.

Prior to joining JWU, George was owner and executive chef at G.A. O’Palenick Catering in Western NY. Currently, he is serving as Northeast Regional Vice President of the American Culinary Federation and has been an active member of the ACF Board of Directors for the last four years.

“As a culinary educator, one always looks for that ‘window of opportunity’ to pass your knowledge onto those who’ll follow,” says George. “Snapchef” has given me the perfect opportunity help others grow.”

Ken Desmarais
Ken DesmaraisDirector of Culinary Business Development

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“Well . . . I’ve had quite a ride before arriving at Snapchef,” says Ken with a grin. “Let’s see . . . after completing culinary school at Johnson & Wales, I’ve worked as a chef aboard La Costa Resort’s private yacht, as a personal chef on Steve Wynn’s Golden Nugget corporate jets, and as executive chef and manager for private dining services at Palmer & Dodge Law Firm in Boston.”

Ken also has great experience in education. He served as Chef Instructor for the Boston Private Industry Council’s culinary internship program with Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. He is also a Food Accelerator Advisor and an Aquaponics Changemaker Fellowship Mentor for Social Enterprise Greenhouse in Providence, Rhode Island.

On the front-of-the-house side, Ken’s culinary business development initiatives include collaboration with entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers and social support partnerships to maximize community participation, health and wellness education and business venture success.

“My philosophy is to strengthen one’s impact through meaningful partnerships and a connection with the community. There’s no greater satisfaction than being part of organizations that do well and do good,” says Ken. “My advice to those interested in a culinary career? Be open to varied experiences and business environments and don’t let your perceptions define your opinion of food service operations.”

Carl Tracy
Carl Tracy Area Manager

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Carl also had his culinary “Ah-Ha” moment young in life. ““When I was young, visiting my uncle in Florida, he gave me some cash and told me to buy whatever food I wanted and to create him a meal he’d never forget,” says Carl. “I made him chicken parmesan. When he took the first bite, that was the moment I realized I wanted to have a career in hospitality.”

With his calling decided, Carl started as a cook at his uncle’s Italian restaurant. His passion for food led to his enrollment in culinary school. He graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associate degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management. His studies there opened his eyes to the wide and varied world of professional food services.

Carl joined Snapchef and immediately earned his place as a trusted manager. His wide range of cooking experiences and knowledge made him very understanding of clients and employees alike – a perfect fit for Snapchef. Carl has an uncanny ability to evaluate an employee’s abilities and potential, as well as look at any food operation and understand its needs.

“My favorite thing about working at Snapchef is the ability to work with such a diverse group of professionals who have such a wide range of goals.”

Human Resources

Cherise Morawski
Cherise MorawskiHuman Resources Manager

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Cherise has been with Snapchef since 2011, and is responsible for maintaining office operations, procedures and payroll – which is no easy task considering how fast the company is growing!

With her Internet research abilities and strong communication and management skills, Cherise keeps our entire staff in line and on our toes – with her ever-pleasant personality. She’s in contact with our clients providing reliable and professional accounts receivable management services. Cherise has an outstanding work ethic which make her an invaluable asset to the Snapchef team. Cherise received a bachelor’s degree from Worcester State and has over 10 years of customer service experience.

“My favorite thing about working at Snapchef is the family bond we have here,” she says. “It’s a nice feeling coming to work with not only co-workers, but people who are more like family and who care about you on a personal level as well as professional.”

Jennifer Gilroy
Jennifer GilroyHuman Resources Manager

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Jennifer graduated from Worcester State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has nine years of experience in the staffing industry focusing in the professional and clerical fields. Jennifer served as a Regional Manager for seven years, overseeing the daily operations of five offices in the Boston area. After raising her 3 children, Jennifer returned to the workforce in an IT department as a Business Development Coordinator, before joining the Snapchef team in our Holden office.


William McDonough
William McDonoughTraining & Operations Manager

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“I love helping people that are looking for a new career. Helping to teach news skills and then helping someone find a permeant job is really gratifying to me.”

Will has been a valued part of the Snapchef team since 2005, arriving with years of experience in a variety of food service arenas. “I spent most of my teen years in El Salvador – working in the five different kitchens that were part of my family’s amusement park. I then went to culinary school in California before coming to Boston.”

Will helped our growing company in any capacity he could; office management, working at locations and building our client base. In the early days, he was the only one who had extensive pastry experience. The Westin Copley was in need of a pastry chef and Will was quick to raise his hand for the assignment. Little did we know, his offer to help the Westin Copley turned into a seven plus year assignment for him. Snapchef was thrilled to be able to provide Will with this permanent, full-time opportunity.

Will kept in touch with us though, and a close eye on the growing Snapchef organization. He knew in his gut that he’d be back to work for Snapchef in some capacity. To our great pleasure, Will returned as our recruiting director, a critical role for the success of the organization. Will has a natural ability to connect with people and the gift of being a former “Snapchef” to share with his potential new hires. “Beyond helping people with their careers, I also love that I can work mornings and then be a father and a husband at home while working in the culinary industry,” says Will.

Luis Ortiz-Figueroa
Luis Ortiz-FigueroaOperations Manager

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Luis has had a passion for the culinary since he was a child. Growing up with a mother as a chef, she would always take the time out of her day to show him different ways to cook and helped develop his passion. Getting his start as a dishwasher at 16, Luis worked his way up through the kitchen learning skills and becoming a talented cook.

After working in the kitchen he was given an opportunity to become part of a management team at The Tilted Kilt. There he was able to learn more skills and grow professionally in different aspects of the restaurant industry.

Always looking to learn more, Luis joins the Snapchef team as a Culinary Training Manager. In his free time Luis enjoys going out with the family and creating new memories that will last a lifetime. He also likes to take time and work on cars.


Leanna Smith
Leanna SmithOperations Manager

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Leanna has come to understand the food service world the old fashioned way, growing up working in a family-owned restaurant, in both the front and back of the house. “I always enjoyed busy Friday nights in the kitchen. I loved the smell of sizzling pans and the feeling of a rush,” she says. “This was the first job that led on a career path. Looking back, this was the first four years of my culinary journey!”

Leanna brings her almost life-long experience in the food service industry to her role as Operation Manager of our Worcester office. Deciding to branch out, Leanna first began working in healthcare food services and gained an understanding of professional corporate kitchens. This made her an invaluable Snapchef manager who was able to jump into a range of client kitchen experiences.

As she began to understand Snapchef operations it soon became clear that she was extraordinary. Her ability to relate to fellow Snapchefs and our Snapchef clients – plus her love for cooking, eagerness to learn and commitment to excellence all make her a valuable addition to our management team.

“My advice to those interested in pursuing a culinary career? Be patient and start with something you love,” says Leanna. “If you’re just starting, I recommend buying a Betty Crocker cook book, as it’s a classic for a beginner in need of a quick reference. Or, you can come and learn with us at Snapchef!”


Arwen Robitaille
Arwen RobitailleOperations Manager

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With a degree in Business Management and a passion for all things food, Arwen comes to us with over 10 years of managerial experience. Growing up in an Italian kitchen, she learned how to cook and appreciate all the details from a very early age. Her passion for her employees is unmatched and will help in guiding and leading the Providence location. Her favorite quotes regarding leadership come from Richard Branson, “Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that,” and “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

Mohamed Fayed
Mohamed FayedOperations Manager

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Like so many in our growing Snapchef family, Mohamed brings a wealth of global cultural experience – and a return to his passion for food after initially pursuing a more traditional career path.

Mohamed graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1995 from Alexandra University, in his home country of Egypt. After moving to the U.S. to pursue his career, he found himself missing his native cuisine and so he started cooking. Once he saw the pleasure he was able to provide to friends with his cooking, he instantly knew what he wanted to do with his life.

That epiphany led to a 22-year career before Mohamed joined our Snapchef family. After an extended corporate food service career with Sodexo EMC, Mohamed branched into the restaurant business to pursue his love of Italian cuisine. After working his way through the kitchen and into management at a family-owned Italian restaurant, he eventually purchased two Italian restaurants from the family and ran these for several years.

It was the busy, fast pace that gave Mohamed the drive to accomplish his early career goals. Today, his focus is more on teaching and coaching others to realize their career dreams in the food service industry, which aligns his career goals perfectly with those of Snapchef.

Caylin Moniz
Caylin MonizCulinary Office Assistant

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Caylin joins the team as she finishes her Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management at Johnson & Wales University. When she was little, she would join her mom, grandmother, sisters to bake holiday cookies together in matching Christmas aprons. She always loved food and began baking for her friends in middle school. This passion led her to begin exploring more and she eventually decided to pursue culinary not just baking.

Originally from Florida, Caylin moved to Rhode Island to attend school. She gotten a wide range of experiences in the culinary field while working in deli’s, pizza shops and at RISD.

There is nothing like Snapchef in Florida, so when she found this company she was excited to see what she could learn from everyone. Getting the best of both worlds, Caylin loves being able to cook while learning the management side of the industry


Amarilis (Red) Leon
Amarilis (Red) LeonOperations Manager

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