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Snapchef Heads Back to Campus to Meet Demand for Culinary Professionals

Culinary Staffing Leader Begins News School Year Supporting New England Colleges and Universities Backpack, Laptop..Spatula? The nationally recognized Snapchef team arrives on college and university campuses across New England this week to support culinary teams serve the best quality to students and staff. As the competition to attract students and faculty heats up across the [...]

Recipe: New England Surf Clam Chowder with Leeks, Crest & Sweet Sausage

This is a new fun fast way to use local surf clams in one pan for a quick chowder. Served chilled or hot. This recipe is interesting to prepare the surf clam is a little sweet can be eaten shaved very thin and just warmed through for this recipe. A very attractive presentation by serving [...]

Recipe: Thai Prawns & Spicy Coconut Dikon Mushroom Soup

This is a new fun fast way to make everything in one pan and quickly serve your entrée soup. This recipe is interesting to prepare and a very attractive presentation and allows use to blend flavors together and serve in the poaching broth. The prawns in this dish can be exchanged for shaved chicken, scallops, [...]

Employee Spotlight: Tamyra Howell

Name: Tamyra Howell Snapchef Location: Springfield Office Date:  6-4-2018                                   Position: Cook What experience in your life led to you interested in food and cooking? I come from a large family with multicultural roots. I was always cooking even as a child. My family introduced me to different types of spices and herbs that I like [...]

BusinessWest: Snapchef Cooks Up a Lifeline for the Food-service Industry

Snapchef, which has built a regional reputation for training those workers and matching them with workforce needs to help them get a foot in the door — and then, hopefully, kick it in. As the largest culinary training and staffing company in New England, Snapchef essentially trains and provides staffing help to area food-service establishments. [...]

Recipe: Salmon & Japanese Yam Wrapped in Spring Roll Crust

This is a new fun way of cooking salmon. This recipe is interesting to prepare and a very attractive presentation .The spring roll wrapper allows use to blend flavors together and crisp the item in a neat package with out deep frying. FAST ,FUN & TASTY but it’s also one of the most nutritious meals [...]

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