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Staff Training

  • At Snapchef, we’re dedicated to training – for both our employees and to meet the needs of our clients, either at your place or ours.
  • You can be assured that when you hire a Snapchef, he or she is ready to run and has the right attitude. We’re dedicated to providing employees with proper training and realize that the holistic view includes the safety and morale of our employee, the customer’s safety and the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Our leading edge culinary orientation and training centers in Dorchester and Worcester are the first in a staffing agency to provide hands-on training to our employees as well as our clients.
  • Our unique approach to culinary training for employees has become the industry standard. Our employees and trainees have consistently experienced demonstrable improvements in their lives and careers when given the information, skills and opportunity to become successful.
  • We’ve also developed a set of training videos where we constantly review the basic skills so our employees know the rules of any professional kitchen. We go over job descriptions step by step to make sure our employees can enter the industry and contribute to the smooth running of that operation.
  • Our goals are simple: supplying the right person for the right job. However, training people to work long hours in high pressure situations is anything but simple. We’ve found that helping people stay focused on the job comes from focusing on them. We help our Snapchefs with motivation, knowledge of best practices, reliability and taking responsibility to make them better professionals.

Workplace Training

We also provide a range of workplace training classes – either at your establishment or at our training centers in Dorchester and Worcester. These include:

  • This is THE course for food service managers. We’ll teach you all about food borne illness, how to prevent it and how to train employees in food sanitation, which will help you earn a national accreditation in food safety certification from the National Restaurant Association.
  • Whether you need the course or need to re-certify we can come to you or you can come to our Training Center in South Boston. We can train your entire team at once or break it into parts without costly travel.
  • We prepare you for the exam, forward the test results by email and hand deliver the Certificates when they arrive.
  • Training covers these important concepts:
  • We’re proud to provide this ServSafe course geared toward hourly workers. These solutions meet any food handler training needs.
  • The course can be tailored or taught in your establishment, and addresses any current sanitation issues your team is experiencing. Your hourly staff will learn basic food safety practices for preparing and serving food.
  • We make the course short and to the point. It ranges from 60-90 minutes depending on the size of the group. It gets the whole team to be aware of best practices which   provides your management team with compliant employees quickly.
  • The course can potentially be transformative for your staff and it can refresh a staff that has become complacent. It’s a concrete action to take after an incident and a great way to avoid one in the first place.
  • This class will help decrease your liability score, which will save you money in the long run. The goal of this training is to prepare employees on what to do in a bad situation and how to eliminate personal injuries and illnesses from occurring in the workplace.
  • Our highly knowledgeable instructor draws in your employees using videos of small disasters that commonly occur in kitchens, followed by group discussion.
  • Course Objectives:
    • State who is legally responsible for a safe environment and ensuring safe practices.
    • List the requirements for storing hazardous chemicals in an operation.
    • Classify different types of fires and fire extinguishers.
    • Outline the actions to take in the event of a fire at a restaurant or foodservice operation.
    • Identify procedures for preventing slips, trips, and falls in a foodservice operation.
    • Outline basic first aid concepts and procedures