Back in 1996 Chef Todd Snopkowski worked at the Atlanta Summer Olympics as a sous chef in the Olympic Village kitchen where he and his brigade of 75 cooks, executed 15,000 meals per dinner meal period, feeding athletes, coaches and guests from around the world. Chef Snopkowski was also in charge of hiring temporary workers and quickly learned that “temp” companies operated on a day labor business model that were not structured to provide the skilled workforce in or on demand. After the Olympics, Chef Snopkowski was offered the sous chef position at Boston University’s George Sherman Union Food Court, where he was also responsible for hiring kitchen employees to manage the fluctuating supplemental staffing levels of campus dining.

After working for food service giants for almost 10 years, Chef Snopkowski still could not believe that there wasn’t an agency from Atlanta to Boston focusing on qualified training or staffing solutions for the hospitality and food service industries. Chef took matters into his own hands and Snapchef was born.

In 2001, Chef Snopkowski met his wife and business partner, Daniela. Together, they created Snapchef Culinary Training and Staffing. They both thought this was a great idea as there was a tremendous void and need for trained, skilled and professional culinary personnel. Their dream was to create a training and staffing company that could service New England’s biggest and best food service operations. Snapchef has taken staffing and training to a new level of high standards that continue to be fueled by the inspiration of Snopkowski’s vision: building a cadre of hospitality staff comprised of local community members who are trained, skilled and enthusiastic about working in hospitality where the necessary tools are provided to grow within the industry.

Finding great employees is what they do best. Snapchef’s clients have confidence in getting they quality staff they need in a SNAP! Chefs all over New England are saying the hardest part about running their business is finding good team members. Whether in hospitals, universities, corporate dining, hotels, senior living communities or catering, Snapchef finds and delivers qualified staff and customer service they can trust.

Chef Snopkowski has come up through the ranks to become Regional Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Development for world class companies such as Aramark & Sodexo. 20 years ago his drive and passion that landed him in Atlanta in 1996 has been part of the secret sauce that Todd and Daniela continue to build upon. Today, as a business owner, he takes great pride in working with his managers and a staff of over 1000 Snapchefs. Snapchef training programs are designed with the practical elements to support job creation and career pathways for community members. As Sal Di Stefano, City of Gloucester Economics Development Officer eloquently puts it: “Snapchef is considered to be the go-to for culinary training and workforce development here in New England.”