In 2001 Todd Snopkowski met Daniela Costa, his wife and business partner and together they created Snapchef Culinary Training and Staffing. They both thought this was a great idea as there was a tremendous void and need for trained, skilled and professional culinary personnel.  Their dream was to create a training and staffing company that could service New England’s biggest and best food service operations. Snapchef is taking staffing and training to a new level of high standards.  Snopkowski’s vision was and is, to build a cadre of hospitality staff comprised of local community members who are trained, skilled and enthusiastic about working in hospitality where we would provide the tools necessary to grow within the industry.

Finding great employees is what they do best and their clients know they get quality staff in a SNAP. Chefs all over New England are saying the hardest part about running their business is finding good help. Whether in hospitals, universities, corporate dining, hotels or catering Snapchef finds and delivers the help they need.

Today, the Snopkowski’s take great pride in working with their managers and employees, building careers, servicing clients and supporting the ever growing industry demand resulting in social and economic development .  And this is what it’s all about.

More to Come!

Greater Things Lie Ahead

Snapchef’s experiences from 1996 until now have had a profound effect on the way we do business. The recent business downturn presented the Snapchef management team with an unusual opportunity to concentrate its focus and resources on bringing the development of our virtual staffing and software platforms to reality.

Our comprehensive virtual platform rebranded as Snapchef Go – an innovative full-service Hospitality Software Platform that provides the industry with unique solutions for the workforce and businesses while also having a positive impact in communities it serves.

We are recognized as a leader in career pathway education and training programs that deliver quality on-demand staffing for all hospitality positions.  The virtual experience has no location or goal-setting boundaries which optimizes individual opportunities and client partnerships on a national scale.

Our program achievements and public/private partnerships are the springboard for the journey ahead.  The customized 14-module “Fast Track” culinary training and education curriculum, the Apprenticeship USA Program, hospitality internships, customized worksite training, Employer of Record for the State of Massachusetts Dislocated Worker Grant, City of Providence food insecurity meal provider, along with industry partnership support for the ACF, MRA, ProStart, NECAT, and SHFM, establishes a strong foundation for our virtual initiatives.

Snapchef Go also provides out-of-the-box business resources for ghost kitchen production, food service consultations, comprehensive payroll and benefit management, general liability, workers’ compensation, branding, marketing, and promotional material.

As we move forward, our resilient and optimistic management team is grateful for our journey’s past and inspired to advance the collective efforts to deliver the next level of opportunities and services to people and foodservice operations.